Lainey Gossip February 2014

Lainey Gossip February 2014



WHY: You need a good lipstick, moisturizer, perfume – I got you. You need a good natural deodorant….you’re on your f-cking own. Well, that’s what I would have told you up until a few weeks ago.

Look, I’ve done by B.O. due diligence. Trying to find a natural, and that’s the key here, people, NATURAL deodorant has seemingly been impossible. Maybe for half an hour, it works, but catch up with me mid-day and I’m like a hippie, rolled in onions, who’s been trapped inside a pubescent boys locker-room. It ain’t cute.

But finally, there is something that works and I’m telling you, this Leaves of Trees product packs a mighty pit punch and keeps you smelling oh so fresh and so clean all day long.

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